10 Reasons to get a Massage

Many people tell you it is good to get a massage, but really what is this massage thing all about?  And why should we get massages regularly.

Here are my top ten reason to get a massage (in no particular order):

1. Slow you DOWN: In this fast paced world we rarely give ourselves a break, let alone permission to slow down, relax, breath deep. A massage gives you just that opportunity. You can breath deep, let go of your cares and worries for just that one hour you are on the table, and just be at peace. Of course you have to give yourself permission to do it, and then actually let go. But the release that comes from relaxing and taking care of yourself, priceless.

2. Improve Circulation: Most of us hold on to fluid (along with worries, anxieties, stresses) throughout our day, week, month, year, even lifetime! Massage improves blood flow, moving things through and out of your system. This can help you release all that junk you are holding on to.

3. Lymph Drainage: I mean I know it sounds a bit like TMI (Too Much Info) but moving all that lymph you have stored up, getting it into the blood and circulated out of the body, is worth it’s weight in GOLD! Better out than in, I say!

4. Immune System Booster: You combine the above too, and massage is one of the best ways to keep your immune system in tip-top-shape. Between draining your Lymph and improving your circulation, massage helps you ride your body of all the toxins, and regular massage helps you stay on top of keep it out!

5. Anxiety release: There is a reason we so often associate massage with relaxation, because it can often take away our worries and cares, if only for an hour. Sometimes I jokingly refer to it as grown-up nap time, but all jokes aside research has shown that massage does can decrease anxiety. In one study there was a decrease in both blood pressure and respiratory rate all after a simple 30min massage. So just image what an hour full body does for you!


6. Stretch your Muscles: Massage is a great way to help extend the muscle fibers, stretching them and releasing the tension that keeps them stuck. I had a client once who had always wanted to touch there toes while flexing forward. After several sessions of working on their legs and hips, they were able to do just that. Massage, making dreams happen!

7. Post Surgery Aid: Often times after surgery there is a long recovery period. Research has shown massage can greatly effect the pain and anxiety around patients recovering from surgery. This is often related to moving the blood in the area, which helps the healing process. Massage also helps to relax clients, reducing the anxiety that is often accosted with surgical procedures. Find more details here.


8. Pain management: Tight muscles can effect the nerves, which can send a continues pain signal loop to the brain. Massage can help to relax the muscle tissue, which can then cause less pain over all. Through research it has been found that for people struggling with chronic pain, massage is a great way to manage the pain.

9. Help Muscle Recovery after workout: We have all felt it, the aches and pains of a hard workout. In fact often it is a badge of honor for some, or the reason some never go back. But it doesn’t have to hurt after a workout, and massage actually helps your muscles recover quicker. So if you are thinking about taking your health to the next level, why no include a massage along with that plan?

10. Insomnia due to Stress: Massage truly does help relax the body and relax the mind. This can be a huge benefit if you have a stressful occupation or you have stressful events going on in your life. The more you can slow down the mind, be present, and relax the body, the better you are able to sleep at night. I sometimes lovingly refer to massage hour as adult nap time, because it can help you to completely relax and truly sleep better.


And one extra for good measure, in case you are not already convinced…
11. Lower Cortisol: Receiving regular massage can help lower Cortisol levels in the body according to a study done by Emory University School of Medicine. Cortisol is a stress hormone in the body, so anything that helps to decrease it allows you to live a better, stress free life.

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  1. Fox Reply

    Massage also helps to counteract the effects of touch deprivation. Studies of infants in orphanages and hospitals in the late 19th and early 20th centuries showed the dramatic and often fatal effects of touch deprivation on the biological and psychological health of human beings.

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